5 Tips for Trouble-free Home Construction

Constructing a new home is one of the toughest and most tiring things a common person would be doing. Each of us considers constructing a new home as the biggest desire of our life and this excitement often leaves us making unpractical and money-draining decisions that leave us regretting afterwards. In order to make sure […]


“If you look before COVID-19, tours and marketing were a little bit different,” said Tim Sullivan, senior managing principal for Meyers Research, in September during his opening remarks at PropTech, a virtual summit on technology in home building hosted by BUILDER. “Now it’s virtual, and you’ve heard how fast we have to be, how effective we […]

My Top 5 Innovations for Greater Efficiency, Sustainability & Quality

As a construction professional and British citizen, I genuinely could not have been any prouder and humbled to have opened UK Construction Week Virtual last week. 2020 is the year of disruptions, and we are all looking for this “New Normal”, and while this newfound regularity may have opened new opportunities, as we are now […]

5 Tips on How to Run a Successful Construction Business With Tech

Everywhere around us, construction technology is exploding. Drone usage surged 239% in just one year. Modular and prefab construction could be a $135 billion industry by 2023. There are now a staggering 378 different construction software options in our directory, as of September 2019. As the construction labor shortage continues to vex the industry, construction managers are turning to technology to get things […]